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Heaven's Gate Muse, Oklahoma Day 3

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Today we opted for the easiest ride option available to us. This was the red loop trail, an inviting 5 mile loop that would make for a good morning ride before heading out. There were still some tricky spots though. A couple of squeezes between boulders, tricky footing, a water crossing with a big step out of the water, etc... still not what we are used to seeing in Kansas but for those familiar with the mountain riding in Oklahoma it would be a breeze. Our horses certainly thought it was much easier. No real elevation change to speak of either only 400 ft total gained and lost.

We really enjoyed ourselves on this ride though I do have to point out that Susan did make me go first on 90% of it. Unfortunately she made some threats about me releasing the video of her attempt to go first - the resulting fit of trying to escape from all of the giant spiders and webs she had been engulfed in. So you will just have to rely on your imagination of how hilarious that was. Again, I'll remind you we were there out of season - this place is best visited spring and fall to avoid said spiders.

This red loop would be a great warm up ride for the first day to get your feet wet literally because we had a couple of nice water crossings. It's nice to have an option without the steep ascents and descents that we experienced on the first day.

After returning to camp, we packed a lunch for the road, packed up, stripped the stalls and headed out. Tt was a really great trip overall. I'm planning another visit in the fall. Definitely something to note though they do book up FAST. I would get your spot reserved at least six months in advance if you are planning to go! Enjoy!

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