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Ashley Purdin Horsemanship


Getting results does not require you to throw your relationship with your horse out the window.  It has been my experience that a horse that wants to work for you is overall more reliable than one that has been forced into it.  And a horse with minimal mental, emotional and physical tension is actually much more able to execute high level performance maneuvers or keep you

safe on the trail. 

Getting results with your horse
the horse's perspective


Every horse carries patterns of tension around that blocks them from being their best.  Problems like not being able to execute a lead change or even aggressive or fearful behaviors are all linked to tension somewhere in the horse.  Whether that tension is physical, mental or emotional we have a responsibility, as horse owners, to address it.  Our reward becomes a happier, more compliant horse that is willing and able to do whatever job is asked of them.


learning horsemanship

Our self-care, inner dialogue and learning styles all play into the consistency of results we get with our horses.  I have a unique way of bringing up rider awareness slowly which promotes quicker learning, neuro repatterning (muscle memory) and problem-solving ability within the rider.  This psychology and physiologically based approach is also hugely helpful to my competitive riders.  You will learn how to get control of your inner dialogue and help it work for you instead of against you. 

your horse back riding goals


Even with putting your horse’s needs first, my path is still one of the shortest to reaching your goals.  I carefully bring you “bite-sized” information tailored specifically to facilitate positive change in you and your horse.  When we figure out how to be in the right place at the right time (timing) and doing the right thing at the right moment (feel) and know how we are coming across (awareness) horses pretty quickly melt into the interaction that you plan for them.  Whether you are here to short-term problem-solve or you are ready to dive head first into possibility I’m here to bring out the best of you and your horse.  

You alone have the power to change your horsemanship trajectory.  Are you ready to discover your dream horse and find the connection that will take you anywhere you want to go? 

Choose the path that’s right for you:

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