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Ashley Purdin


As a young kid, every time I rode my horse it was a bad experience.  My horses’ issues included bolting back to the barn, not wanting to be caught, not standing for the farrier, refusing to trailer load, spooking, pulling back while tied, bucking, running people over, only having one lead at a lope, stiffness, inability to collect, inability to do basic maneuvers like backing, side-passing or transitions when asked.  Everything was hard and frustrating about riding and honestly it was scary.  My horses were frustrated and insecure and I was scared from all of the falls I took.  We were all a mess.  



Hi, I’m Ashley Purdin and for my entire career I have specialized in mending the horse - human partnership.  I have found myself as the only path forward from someone throwing in the towel on their equine dreams completely.  By breaking down the process into understandable and manageable pieces, my clients learn how to modify and maintain their equine’s behavior, putting the fun back into riding again.   




About me

One day I decided to start searching for answers and seeing if I could figure out why these things kept happening.   I used my own horses as my laboratory trying out new techniques I had read about from experienced trainers willing to share their knowledge with the world.  As soon as I started seeing improvement in my horses, I was hooked, and even today I remain open to new ideas and techniques to better help my horses and students. 



Ashley graduated college with a Degree in Business Administration from Mid-America Nazarene University.  Shortly after graduation she took her business full-time and moved to Equus Curito Equine Center in Louisburg, KS.  She spent over ten years competing in Extreme Cowboy Racing and Ranch Versatility events; training and coaching multiple horses and riders to World Championships.  


Ashley is an advocate not only for the horses but for mental health as well.  In 2020 she was diagnosed with Bipolar 1, a rare brain disorder that nearly ended her career entirely.  Her competition days did have to take a back-seat: however, she came back with a keen interest in how the human brain affects behavior and learning and has worked her new found knowledge into her teaching methodology which makes her instruction cutting-edge in the industry.  

Ashley is currently training and teaching lessons and clinics at her barn in Louisburg, KS in addition to building her online coaching business.  We look forward to helping you reach your horsemanship goals. 

Choose the path that’s right for you:

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