Our Instructors:

Beth Olson and Ashley Purdin offer 20 years of combined experience developing youth riders.  

Beth has a degree in equine management and colt starting with an emphasis on barrel racing, hunter jumping and western pleasure.  She brings a lot to the table as a youth instructor.  Her expertise in horse care and behavior coupled with her experience teaching children, sets her apart as an instructor.  Her approach is positive and encouraging however she doesn't loose sight of those key skills the children must learn to be safe around the horses and develop as a rider.  She is aware of each child unique timeline on skill development and knows exactly how much to challenge each particular student.  Whether your child wants to ride for fun or has ambitions to compete, Beth can guide them through the process.  

Beth works with her students over obstacles appropriate for their skill level to develop the rider's feel, timing and balance.  Children also learn skills and maneuvers that deepen their communication with the horse as they grow into confident, competent riders.  

Youth Lesson Program

What are the benefits of Horseback riding to my child?

Her competitive coaching experience makes her desirable for youth riders that have competition goals, specifically in cowboy racing.  

What is Extreme Cowboy Racing?  Please follow this LINK to watch a race.

Arena at EC Equine Center

ioneer Horsemanship​

Ashley has a degree in Business Administration from MNU and over a decade of experience training horses and coaching riders of all ages and levels.  Her main area of expertise is Extreme Cowboy Racing.  She has coached two youth riders to top ten placings at world finals and in 2015 coached a youth rider to an EXCA World Championship.  

Horseback riding is beneficial to children of all ages.  It teaches important life skills of commitment, dedication and determination.  It also teaches leadership skills and the confidence that goes along with being able to control an animal so much larger than themselves.  

Physical balance and coordination have been noted to increase in children participating in horseback riding programs.  

For a child with interest in horses, the advantages of joining a riding program are limitless.  From increased confidence to physical fitness and the ability to hang tough when things don't go their way, horses provide a unique opportunity for your child to learn essential skills needed to navigate through life's challenges.  

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Beth Olson

Single Lessons:      1 hr Private $55

​                             1/2 hr Private $27

6 Lesson

Packages:               1 hr Private  $265

​                              1/2 hr Private $130